The 5 Steps to Meaningful Change

The 5 Steps to Meaningful Change

a FREE online course by BU Coaching

Course Description

Life is too short to not live with Confidence and Purpose. 

However, achieving confidence and purpose requires you to make change within yourself and your life.

Obviously, change can be scary, difficult and downright overwhelming. That's why so many people end up living an unfulfilling life stuck within their comfort zone.

By using our signature 5 Step Process this FREE mini-course will provide you with a proven step by step process that will empower you to create consistent meaningful changes in your life.

What You Will Gain From This Course

  • The first key steps to a life of Confidence & Purpose
  • An improved ability to carry out that changes that you know your life has been missing
  • A greater understanding of exactly how to make change in your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for people who:

  • Want to make meaningful change in their life but have no idea where to start
  • Are sick and tired of feeling stuck in a rut
  • Are ready to do whatever it takes to get more fulfilling results from their life

Is There Any Recommended Prior Knowledge?

  • This is an entry-level course with no expected prior knowledge. It's a great starting platform for living a more confident, purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

When Can I Start the Course?

  • There are no set enrolment dates for this course. You can commence at any time. 

When Do I Have to Complete the Course By?

  • Upon enrollment, you will have immediate lifetime access to the course. The course only takes an hour to complete.

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Meet Your Coaches

Declan Edwards - Confidence & Purpose Coach, Founder of BU Coaching

Declan Edwards is an author, Confidence & Purpose Coach, keynote speaker and the Founder of BU Coaching. He is passionate about helping people
overcome self-doubt, cultivate self-confidence and learn to live more authentic lives. Get to know more about Declan HERE

Jordan Jensen - Confidence & Purpose Coach, Co-Founder of BU Coaching

Jordan Jensen is a Confidence & Purpose Coach, keynote speaker and the Co-Founder of BU Coaching. He is passionate about helping people discover their purpose and take the steps to turn this into a reality. As a driven environmentalist and humanitarian Jordan loves working with people who want to make a positive difference in the world. Get to know more about Jordan HERE

What's included?

6 Videos
5 Surveys
2 Texts